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Celestial. [x]

The Blog of Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.

Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
This is the brief version of my profile. For an extended, essay-length profile, please see here.

I'm Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle, a thirteen year old girl from Australia. I was born on September 14th, 1994. I love Harry Potter! I'm frankly obsessed with it.

My favourite films are The Holiday, Love, Actually and As It Is In Heaven. My favourite animated films include The Little Mermaid and Anastasia.

I love spending my time watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, updating my LJ and browsing various websites and cute pixel sites.

My favourite music is anything from a Disney movie soundtrack, Anastasia; or Eva Cassidy, an amazing artist.

I'm very stubborn and opinionated, which often works against me when I'm meeting new people. I can intimidate shy people, and annoy the crap out of extroverts, but I'm honestly just trying to be friendly.
I'm a little quirky- I have little, er, quirks, about my self and my personality. I'm always inventing new words, and trying to spread them around. So far, I've successfully popularised two words in my school. Joy.

I love to read, and I wish I spent more time doing it. You'll often find me with three different books in my arms, reading them all at once. (I don't recommend it!)

I get bored easily, so I'm always starting new projects that never seem to get finished. If I do, by some strange chance, finish them, they rarely last longer than a few weeks (see my old site.)