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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
24 May 2008 @ 08:32 pm
I used to be a massive fan of the Australian television show, the Saddle Club, so I was extremely saddened and shocked to hear of Jessie Jacobs' death.
Reading her story definitely left me with an open mouth and a tear in my eye.

Being used to seeing her as a young girl, dressed in riding clothes all the time, I never knew how much she had grown up and turned into a beautiful young woman.

It really shocked me, so I went back and listened to all my old Saddle Club CDs. I really had fun listening to the songs, re-familiarising myself with the lyrics, and remembering my innocent days as an eight-year old.
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
18 May 2008 @ 10:07 am
At the SAG Awards this year, a few months ago I think now, Amanda Bynes wore this stunning blue dress. It was, quite literally one of my favourite dresses I've ever seen!

Amanda Bynes at SAG Awards 08.
I think it suits her brilliantly. The amazing blue colour is stunning, and it seems to fall just right, suiting her body shape perfectly.
Not only that, by the sequinned bust looks incredible, adding the finishing touch.
The extensive detail is beautiful, really flattering Amanda's curves.

I also love her hair and make-up.
The braids and loose curls really accentuate the dress and flatter Amanda's face shape.
Her relatively simple make-up keeps the attention of the beautiful dress she's wearing.

God, I wish I owned this dress!
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
09 May 2008 @ 10:20 pm
Four things:

Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
03 May 2008 @ 07:59 am
It's actually the morning of May 3, where I'm posting this, so bear with me.

On May 2, 1998, over fifty innocent people where murdered in a fierce battle against evil. These brave people were fighting for freedom; fighting for justice; fighting for peace. They were not soldiers, trained in combat. Many of them were school children and teenagers, some only just out of high school.

These people were working against one main source of evil: Lord Voldemort. This... (You can't call him a man, he was soulless) .. this creature, full of spite and evil, empty of love and friendship, was finally overcome by Harry James Potter in an incredible final battle.
Harry Potter, in order to save his friends, and to help them finish the battle, chose to walk to his death, something that requires more bravery than most people could master in such a difficult situation. Harry sacrificed himself, for the benefit of those he loved, and by doing this, ensured his survival.

After the triumph of defeating Tom Riddle once and for all had sunk in, Harry and his friends and to deal with the losses. That night, may 2, 1998, Harry Potter and his friends grieved the loss of many lives, young and old alike, lost in the final major battle against Voldemort.

So here's to Harry. Here's to Ron, and Hermione, and Ginny, Neville, and Luna. Here's to all those that fought. And here's to the brilliant woman that created this amazing world, Jo Rowling, a genius in my eyes.

Here's to Harry Potter.
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
27 April 2008 @ 04:23 pm
I'm actually quite sad...
I spend way too long on YouTube, looking up funny clips and scenes from the hit series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
And it annoys me when people don't spell it properly, using [all caps] and the periods in between each letter.

Weird, I know.

Actually, I've got myself a new project. I'm re-learning HTML (see?) via TutorialTastic.
I mean, I knew basic HTML before, but it was mainly choppily-done work cut and paste from various crappy tutorial sites. Now, I can be sure my work is proper, neat and correct.

[/end ramblings]
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
23 April 2008 @ 07:16 pm

This post may offend some people. It is not aimed at any single person in particular; it is merely my thoughts and opinions on a controversial topic which I am free to express. Please only click the below link if you are sure you won't be offended by my opinions on religion.
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
18 April 2008 @ 09:41 am
Or, rather, just bitching.

I have a ... well, I guess you could call it a 'situation'.

I've been friends with this girl, Amy*, for about three years now, and we were pretty close, but about halfway through last year, I just... lost the connection.
And, I know it's irrational and horrible and stupid, but I honestly, truly, utterly hate her. I cannot stand being around her. She's just one of those plain annoying people you want to hit really hard over the head.

(Please try to take into account that this isn't me wanting any sympathy- that would make me a total hypocrite. Actually, I just need to vent my feelings out. I've bottled them up for too long.)

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
17 April 2008 @ 05:08 pm
Yeah, it's sort of a cliched phenomena sweeping the Internet, but hey, it's all a bit of fun, right?

OK, so, I was 'tagged' by Lois of Faded Moonlight, my affiliate. Based on the details on her website, I have to post ten interesting facts about myself, and then 'tag' ten of my online friends. (Could be a problem there considering I don't have ten online friends.)

But, ch'yeah, here's my ten interesting facts.

Ten Interesting Facts about Charlotte.

I believe in magic. Not all kinds, and not necessarily the stereotypical 'Disney' type, but in... other kinds of magic.
2. I believe in mystical creatures like mermaids and unicorns.
3. I have a very strong dislike for a person who I am forced to see every day (not a relative).
4. I can laugh at anything, and once you get me giggling, you can't stop me.
5. I love to smile, and I think that there is no greater joy in the world than making others smile. I love seeing a smile on someone's face.
6. If I don't like someone, I can't stand being around them, and will walk out of the room without saying anything.
7. I am utterly terrified of sharks. I can't even watch a film or television show that shows an underwater view, because I'm terrified that a shark will come out of nowhere. Once, my phobia got to the stage where I wouldn't swim in a pool or even take a bath. My only source of water was through a shower or a drink bottle.
8. I have heaps of fun spending a few weeks creating a website, and then get bored once I open it.
9. I really like all of my names (Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle), I just don't like how long my name is.
10. I'm obsessed with using only the following smiley: =]
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
14 April 2008 @ 09:38 am
What a weird title, I know, I couldn't really think of anything.
Well, this won't be one of my famous long blogs; more just a short notice about something.

I've been browsing the Internet a lot lately, and I've noticed some amazing blogs that contain interesting and humorous articles. I really look up to these sites; I personally think the owners are geniuses.

Sites like SuperFicial and JemJaBella, sites that entertain and amuse the visitor while teaching them something.
I'm telling you, the owners of these websites shouldn't be online writing their articles, they should be sitting in the Department of Education office teaching those gray-haired old idiots how to teach kids.

The way they get their point across really makes you understand how and why they are right, and you are wrong, whether it be in web-design, copyright infringement or blogging. If this method was used in our schooling systems today, I honestly think that children would learn faster and better.

It sounds far fetched, but maybe the reason kids are skipping school and going nowhere with their lives is contributed to bad teaching methods. I mean, some of them were created twenty, thirty, forty years ago! Please. This is the modern world.
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
13 April 2008 @ 05:27 pm
Oh, there's this absolute bitch at my school, let's call her Lisa, shall we? She intimidates people, so she gets her way all the time. She has the teachers in the palm of her hand. I stand up to her, and so I get bullied, of course. Today, while I was saying my speech in English, she was walking around the classroom, tapping her fingers on the desk, chatting away, and mocking my every word.

I find her a pathetic human being, honestly. She was (unsuccessfully) trying to put me off my speech, yelling out things like 'Oh, Charlotte, I'm putting this on Youtube!' And you'd think a teacher would say something, but they're terrified of her. She's a little monster.

My friend was at this waxing place, and guess who was there with her? Yup, Lisa. She was chucking a tantrum, yelling at the receptionist:
'What do you mean I can't go in now? I don't need to make an appointment! I don't care if you have to kick someone else out! Put me in now!'

Can you believe her? Everywhere I go, her and cronies (three boys and one other girl) are right there next to me, mimicking me and just being plain stupid.

Yet, it's not like bullying or anything. They're very clever about it, even though they don't act it.

If I sleep in and only have a minute or two to shove my hair into a messy ponytail, she'll say, 'Oh, wow, Charlotte, your hair looks so pretty today!' And when you indulge over Easter and break out into a gazillion pimples, she'll say, 'Wow, your skin is clear, Charlotte, I wish mine was like that!' You know, things that you can't say anything back to, because to an outsider, it makes her seem sweet, whereas you know that she's baring her fangs and sharpening her claws.

It's as if she's daring me to bite back, which I must admit, I sometimes do. I have to learn to bite my tongue, but when she's at her worst, that's impossible. Once, after spending all day being her usual over-annoying self, she really peeved me off.

We were playing a game in PE that involved throwing a ball, and it was boys against girls. My PE teacher is really sexist, and so us girls were forming a plan to all work together really well, so we could show him that girls are just as good as boys.

Well, bitch-face over here must have overheard us, and of course sabotaged us. When it was her turn to simply pass the ball to the person in the centre, she threw it as hard as she could. Backwards.

Then, instead of running to get it, she dawldled the whole way, taking at least two minutes to get the ball, and of course, the boys were done before she was halfway there. Our PE teacher was already smirking, congratulating the boys.

When she finally got back, she said 'Oh, sorry I took so long!' with a little smirk on her face, challenging us to bite back. Unfortunately, I did.
'Oh, don't worry Lisa, we didn't miss you.'

Ha, that was worth the look on her face, even though she spent the next week being extra bitchy. All the other girls in my class were congratulating me, it was so funny.

Oh, crupes, I have an assignment due tomorrow. Blog soon.
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
13 April 2008 @ 09:41 am
Some of my previous visitors to Celestial may be wondering why on earth I switched from Freewebs, which does, admittedly, allow much more freedom and creative than LiveJournal, to here. There are several reasons I'm going to share with you.

  • Blogging. Celestial is, and will always be, a blog site. Freewebs does feature a blogging tool, but it's quite basic and ugly, so I chose to archive and blog manually. This is a bit of a pain, especially with long posts, which I'm famous for. =] I find it much easier using the simple, yet effective blogging tools on LiveJournal, which is much neater and well organised than Freewebs.
  • Pressure. Having a typical 'blog' site on a host like Freewebs creates pressure on me to expand my graphic talent and spend time making layouts and CSS. To put it simply, I honestly have no interest whatsoever in graphic design, so I'm wasting my time trying to create layouts.  When using LJ, I can use one of the pre-made layouts, which include well-designed CSS and graphics. This means I have more time for blogging.
  • Personal Choice. As well as the above reasons, personal choice was also a factor in my decision. I like having a neat blog that I can use simply and easily, without having to worry about HTML and CSS and layouts and whatnot. I know that I'll lose lots of hits, and obviously affies too. But hey, this is how I like blogging.
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Charlotte Storm Suzannah Giselle.
13 April 2008 @ 09:30 am
This is my first blog from my original website, Celestial. Because of this, some of the text may not make sense or be relevant to this site. Please just ignore it. For more reasons why I'm on LiveJournal, see a later post.

I've worked so hard on this damn site, I swear. It's full of my (virtual) blood, sweat and tears. Even though it may not look like it.
Ha, my web-design talent is nearly non-existent. I mean, I don't mind this layout, but then I go and visit some other site and it's like 0_o. I'm hoping my skills will develop over time.

Wow, what a negative way to start off my blog! Let's start again, shall we?

I'm Charlotte! I'm actually a very happy and bubbly person! Exclamation mark overdose!

C'mon Char, serious now. I was watching a film with my mum last night; a foreign film called As It Is In Heaven. It's this beautiful Swedish movie about a composer who, after a heart attack, returns to the village he grew up in.
He begins to compose songs, and trains, the local church's choir, and it's basically all about his time there. It's an amazing movie, one of my favourites, so definitely see it. As you would expect in a movie about a choir, there's a few singing scenes.

There's a character in the movie named Gabriella, and her boyfriend beats her, and tries to stop her from attending the choir. Daniel writes a solo song, specifically for her, and there's a really powerful scene where she finally agrees to do the song, being inspired by one member of the choir standing up for himself after years of bullying. The scene flicks to her singing the song, and she's just this absolutely amazing singer, like one of the best I have ever heard. And it just struck me as so unfair that she has this absolutely perfect voice, and yet she's relatively unknown and has one small scene in a movie.

And then I made a connection between her and Vanessa Hudgens.

They both play characters named Gabriella, and they both sing in the movie they feature in. They both needed persuasion to perform, and they both gave the performance of their lives, once they finally got up on stage.
And it's so unfair, because Vanessa Hudgens has an okay voice, but it's so mainstream pop, and yet she's amazingly famous!
And this other woman has the biggest, best voice ever, and she's belting out this powerful song, and she's not famous at all.

How does that work? There are all these brilliant singers out there (like Eva Cassidy, who died before she was recognised, even though she has one of the best voices I've ever heard), and who don't even get the slightest amount of recognition!
It makes me so annoyed that all these one-hit-wonders, these stupid little teen wannabes, are making all the money and hogging all the spotlight with their useless squeaking and thumping sounds.

I mean, I'm as guilty of listening to Top 40 as the next person, but I wish we could start to appreciate really good singers. I remember once I tried to tell people about the amazing singers I've mentioned before, and they all laughed at me, and went back to their iPods full of rap and hip-hop.
Maybe it's because we are all really narrow-minded and will only listen to bands we know about, or rather, that everyone else knows about, or that are cool. Maybe we're scared of trying something new; being different.
So, I'm setting all my visitors a goal: keep your mind wide open, and listen to a few of the songs I'm about to post below. Don't judge, just listen.

Fields of Gold, Songbird, People Get Ready and Over the Rainbow.
The scene from As It Is In Heaven.
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